The Library, Doncaster

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Sold Out.



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  • Financials:

    Mortgage Illustration Purchase of One Bedroom,
    One Bathroom Apartment: £70,000

    Purchase Price: £70,000
    Deposit Required: £17,500
    Anticipated Monthly Rent: £425
    Ground Rent & Management (Averaged PCM): £85
    Monthly Mortgage Payment: £87.06*
    Gross Surplus Monthly Income £252.94

    *Virgin Money Product
    This represents a return on deposit monies invested up to 17.34%

    The above financial is for illustrative purposes only.
    Fitzwilliam Capital Partners 
    is not FCA/authorised by the financial ombudsman.

  • Locality:

    The Library by Fitzwilliam is located at the junction of McConnel Crescent and Nelson Road in an established area of Rossington just six miles to the south east of Doncaster town centre. The number of households in Doncaster has continued to grow and this has been projected to continue at a rate of almost 1,000 new households per year, on average, over the next 20 years. These households will all need homes.

    The Yorkshire and Humber Plan set a target of at least 25,560 new homes to be provided in Doncaster over the period 2004–2026. This is broadly in line with projected growth in the number of new households. As of March 2007, 2,122 homes had been built and sites had been identified for 8,242 further homes, meaning that sites for more than 15,000 homes were still needed to meet this target.


Doncaster, United Kingdom


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