Halifax Property Investment

A huge £41 million city centre revamp, a strong rental market and established transport links to Leeds, Manchester and the Greater North makes Halifax a key opportunity for property investors looking for high yields.

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Why invest in Halifax property?

A healthy community of young professionals and families has driven Halifax’s rental demand higher than ever, with current rental returns far outweighing those found in other comparable cities.

Such rental demand looks set to increase with the ongoing redevelopment of Halifax’s city centre that aims to transform and enhance the city’s historical central core.

With a focus on boosting retail and leisure offerings, the redevelopment injects a commercial focus into the city, as well as enhancing the attractive stone buildings that characterise it.

Halifax buy-to-let investment opportunity

When compared with the rest of the UK and other key cities in the North, property prices in Halifax are dramatically undervalued. Investors can obtain high-income yields on high quality buy-to-let flats for a significantly lower investment than other UK cities.

Fitzwilliam Capital Partners currently offers investors the opportunity to purchase luxury apartments located in Halifax city centre. Renovated to an incredibly high spec, prices start from £72,000 and investors can expect to make up to 18% ROI.

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